E-Book Editing



An ebook editor-in-chief is working on a foreign language masterpiece with 120 long chapters. In the .xhtml files he received from a content vendor, his editorial staff has identified 3,000+ distinguished global errors ranging from single corrupted characters and incorrect formatting codes to incorrect text of all sorts and all lengths. The editorial staff has worked out a correction for each error, and has listed these 3,000+ error-correction text pairs in a spreadsheet. The task now is to implement these corrections globally, which means performing a global find-replace action for each of the 3,000+ errors in all 120 chapters, or to repeat the find-replace operation a total of 360,000+ times. Assuming a speed of 30 seconds per action using the text editor’s built-in find and replace-all feature, it will take 3,000+ work hours, or more than a year and four months for one person, to implement all corrections by manual operation.



Use a WorkWaltz custom automation tool to complete the global find-replace operations for all 3,000+ errors, in all 120 .xhtml files, in less than an hour.

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