UI Key Isolation



A web application UI producer has a spreadsheet of 20,000+ keys and values. He needs to update the values of the keys with a name containing a specific string. Using the search feature of the spreadsheet application to find each of these keys and update them one by one in their original place in the spreadsheet is obviously too time consuming; besides, keys with different names may have identical values, and updating these keys separately may result in inconsistency. The best way, therefore, will be to isolate the object keys from the rest, then sort them so that keys with identical values are clustered together. However, the spreadsheet application doesn’t have a convenient feature for this purpose, and doing it manually will take many hours.



Use a WorkWaltz custom automation tool to work on a copy of the file to remove all keys with names that do not contain the tag string, then sort the keys as desired, in a total of one minute.

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