UI Localization QA



A localization producer has a master key-value sheet containing the source English text and 35 target languages’ text of some 1,000+ keys. She knows that some white spaces have been introduced at the ends of the translated text for some languages and some keys due to translator mistakes. Because these white spaces can cause bugs, she needs to check all the keys for all the languages and remove any found trailing spaces. To do that she will need to click through each of the 35,000+ cells because white spaces are invisible on the spreadsheet. She estimates that by manual operation at an average speed of 1 cell per second, it will take her at least 1.5 days to complete, with the understanding that it can be hard to avoid errors due to the tediousness of the work.



Use a WorkWaltz custom automation tool to process the spreadsheet: all trailing spaces will be removed in a few minutes.

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