Automation Development

For our Mac based clients, we develop standalone, custom automation tools tailored to clients’ unique needs for performing specific tasks or workflows. Our tools are designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use, enabling users to complete complicated tasks that would otherwise take them hours or days of work, with just a few clicks. Our development process consists of the following phases:

  1. Assessment: We communicate with you, typically through email, to understand your needs and expectations.
  2. Proposal: We present to you the development proposal that documents the tool specifications, timelines, cost quote, licensing and support terms, and any other relevant information.
  3. Development: This phase begins with your approval of the Proposal and includes the planning, design, development, and testing stages. While these are typically our internal processes, we maintain communication with you during the process on any issues that may need discussion.
  4. Implementation: After delivering the completed and tested tool, we help you to implement it into your system and workflow, typically by providing very simple email instructions. But if needed, we can go onsite to help you configure the tool for a smooth start.
  5. Support and Update: We work with you per agreed-upon terms to ensure continued usability of the tool in case such usability is affected by your workflow changes, system or application upgrades, unexpected work scenarios, or other situations.

This process is designed to ensure that we deliver the exact tools you need, to your complete satisfaction, in the shortest turnaround time. Most of our tools can be delivered in one or two work days.